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73 Apartments &

3 Commercial Tenancies 

Indian Ocean Suites

Port Hedland

Challenging Council on width of car bays added over $13m in sales!


  • Create a 73 apartment development with 3 commercial tenancies and communal recreational areas, to sit in a landscaped area with a basement car park of 107 car bays.


  • Council requirement for 3m wide car bays for all parking.

  • Located in Port Hedland in harsh weather environment and cyclonic conditions.


  • By challenging the Town of Port Hedland on the car bay widths required for 4-wheel drives, successfully rewrote Planning Regulations. This added 13 more  car bays thus 13 more apartments, creating a significant uplift to the project.

  • Designed to capture cooling breezes and stunning coastal views, each apartment having large balconies and open plan living.

  • Selected mixed building palette designed for low maintenance solution to the harsh environment.

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