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Petrol Stations


Rewriting weights and measures for weigh bridges reduced 3 full time staff! 


  • Designed over 50 service stations for Caltex, Shell, Esso, BP and Mobil including Perth Metro network for GoGas for 12 sites in 12 months.  


  • Resolving entry and egress from sites where it can make or break the business.



  • For Canning Vale Market Service Station Truck Stop and LPG Plant, rewrote the weight and measures regulations to allow close circuit television surveillance of weigh bridges in WA saving Shell at least 3 staff, significantly improving the bottom line.

  • Achieved a 4 fold increase in the compensation claim for a strategic service station site that was affected by the re-alignment of a major highway.

  • Obtaining a crossover within 1.2 metres from the truncation of each corner for a Northbridge service station, and overturned a refusal on a crossover on NW Highway.


Petrol Stations:







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