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Whistling Kite Tavern

Winner of the WA 'Pub of the year' 2010! (AHA)

Successful design becomes the social hub for Secret Harbour, Rockingham and Mandurah!


  • Multi-Purpose tavern with extensive bottleshop, dual bar areas, restaurant and alfresco to become hub of Secret Harbour.



  • The site is located in one of the most prominent positions within the Town Centre, occupying the majority of the 1736m² area.

  • Proposed alfresco located opposite existing residential, incurred major objections from existing residents during advertising period.



  • Went through a very detailed design phase and had intense discussions with the City of Rockingham to arrive at a high end, quality finished building. Result : winner of the West Australian Hotel Association 'Pub of the Year' 2010.

  • Skillful design of sound attenuation solutions of higher glazed external screens, acoustic baffling and other control methods abated neighbour concerns.


Tavern and Bottleshop

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